What are the benefits of switching to lithium-ion?


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What are the benefits of switching to lithium-ion?

In 2021, the UK government has made it clear that more needs to be done towards the safety of our climate. One of the huge changes that need to be made is a switch to more renewable sources of energy to power motors. Lithium-ion technology could be the solution that we are all looking for.

Lithium itself is a special metal that is used globally to create rechargeable batteries for various tech, including mobile phones and electric vehicles. Lithium-ion is used to make batteries because it is extremely light and has high electrochemical potential. Rechargeable batteries are recently being recognised for the benefits that they could have for the environment, as well as many other aspects of industry. This article will guide you through the benefits of switching to lithium powered electric motors in your workplace.

What are the benefits of switching to lithium powered electric motors?

Lithium-ion powered electric forklifts and electric pallet trucks are becoming the new norm in many warehouses across the world. The popularity of this innovative technology is only going to continue rising thanks to the many benefits that are boasted by lithium-ion.

The environmental benefits of lithium

The main benefit of lithium, which has brought on its sudden surge in popularity, is that it is far better for the environment than traditional diesel power. Lithium technology does not emit any gas when being used, unlike a diesel engine, and is generally less toxic for the environment.

Rechargeable lithium batteries can be powered by renewable sources of energy such as wind, solar and hydropower. Using these batteries in replacement of diesel fuel will put less strain on the earth for fossil fuels and will release less harmful chemicals into the environment, helping to slow down climate change.

Lower costs

Using lithium batteries in electric forklifts and pallet trucks could save you money in the long run. Yes, lithium-ion batteries may be more expensive to purchase than other sources of power, such as lead-acid. However, lithium batteries will lead to a more cost-efficient workplace over time.

Switching to rechargeable lithium powered motors will reduce labour that is involved with swapping batteries and watering lead-acid batteries. The lithium alternative also uses far less energy to charge, so it is cheaper to keep running. Lead-acid batteries usually lose up to 50% of their energy through heat, but lithium batteries only lose around 15%, which also means that you will reduce the amount of money spent on wasted energy.

Safety benefits

The light weight and small size of a lithium battery mean that the design of electric powered pallet trucks and forklifts can be tailored to provide users with great ergonomic value. As the vehicles will require less space to hold the battery, trucks could be designed with more legroom, which will make the vehicles safer for employees to use.

The trucks could also be tailored so that they are lighter in weight and perhaps even smaller in size. This would minimise the risk of serious injury that could be caused by the vehicles and would make it easier to use them in smaller warehouses.

Why should you buy an EP lithium powered electric motor?

EP was founded in 1993 and since this time, the EP family has been giving their all to provide workplaces with the very best lithium powered warehouse equipment. Unlike other manufacturers, all equipment sold by EP is tailored specifically to you. The team is proud to say that they commit to producing the right truck for every single customer.

The team at EP has recently seen huge success in their sales with a 15% increase in annual sales and recent recognition as a No.1 Chinese industrial truck manufacturer. The company now serves over 65 countries and produced over 100,000 units in 2019.

With over 20 years of great experience in producing warehouse equipment, EP is a reliable team of experts that provide high-quality products to many countries around the world. If you would like to know more about the lithium powered motors that we supply, you can contact the team today!

EP is one big family that takes pride in helping customers to find the best lithium powered solutions for any warehouse.

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